How fast do dirt bikes go?

The speed of a dirt bike can vary greatly depending on the size of the engine and the specific model of dirt bike. On average, a dirt bike can reach speeds of around 50-80 mph, although some models can go much faster. Some high-performance dirt bikes can reach speeds of over 100 mph, while smaller dirt bikes designed for kids may have top speeds of around 20 mph. It is important to always ride dirt bikes safely and within your ability level, and to always wear proper safety gear when riding.

A Look at the Top Speed of Different Models of Dirt Bikes for Adults

When talking about dirt bikes, it is important to know what these are. The bikes you can ride on rough roads and hilly areas are not your traditional ones. These are called dirt bikes. And to answer how fast dirt bikes can go, you need to know what cc means. CC is how we measure the power of these dirt bikes. CC stands for “cubic capacity”.

In layman’s terms, the higher the cubic capacity or the cc, the greater the power when riding a dirt bike. And the greater the power, the higher the speed that you can attain while driving a dirt bike.

The speed and power also depend upon the size of the bikes. In other words, the larger the bike size, the greater the power, and higher the speed.

How fast is a Dirt Bike?

Before we get into this question, you need to know why few differences exist. So, let us tell you a few dissimilarities below:

Can You Differentiate Dirt Bikes from Others?

Carpet Roads & Rough Streets

The normal or traditional bikes that people like you use daily on carpet roads on your way to work or classes are not made to be driven on rough, muddy, snowy, etc. But, the dirt bikes have a “high ground clearance” which makes these a perfect option for riding on rough roads and the like.

Two-Stroke or Four-Stroke?

Another difference can be seen in its engines. Dirt bikes have two kinds of engines. One is a 2-stroke and the other one is 4 stroke engine. The difference is the HP or Horse Power range that begins from 50cc and reaches a maximum of 800cc.

Size and Weight differences affecting how fast the dirt bike will go

Along with the above specifications, you can also see a major difference in the size of the bike. Dirt bikes are lighter and smaller (215 pounds) when compared to motorcycles (400 pounds).

Does the Size of a Dirt Bike Make it goes Faster?

Now, because of these differences, there will definitely be a variation in the speed. As far as the dirt bikes go, the cc affects the dirt bike’s speed and size difference. The lighter weight and smaller size along with the 2 strokes help in increasing the torque which helps in attaining higher speed with an instant surge of power.

Some of these are manufactured with a specific age group in mind, which mean the following table can be of assistance. This table is made for the 2-stroke bikes, for the most part.

CCSpeed (mph)Age Group
5020-403 – 7 years old
65623 – 7 years old
8045-553 – 7 years old
10050-807 – 10 years old
11050-557 – 10 years old
12555-6010 – 13 years old
125 (4-stroke)35 or 55 (depending on the specifications)10 – 13 years old
25070-85Taller Teens and Young Adults
40087Adults / Larger Adults
45090Adults / Larger Adults
700110Adults / Larger Adults
800137-140Adults / Larger Adults
Reference from 2-stroke bikes

So to answer if the size actually does make a dirt bike go faster, the answer is an obvious YES.

What are the Factors that Affect the Speed of the Dirt Bike?

Now the speed limits of dirt bikes not only depend on the cc but there are many other factors working simultaneously. Some of these factors are discussed below:

  1. Type of engine affecting the Top Speed attainable by a dirt bike

As already mentioned earlier in this informational article, Dirt bikes have 2 kinds of engines. One is the 2-stroke engine, while the other one is called the 4-stroke engine. Among these options, the 4-stroke engine has become the standard because of emission-related standards.

But, if you are someone who has a dirt bike with a 2-stroke engine then you definitely have an advantage in relation to power usage. In other words, when the combustion is completed in 2 steps rather than 4 steps then indeed this means more power, more torque, high RPMs, and an amazing experience.

The engine’s cooling system also has a say in the speed. Although usually the bikes, whether motorbikes or dirt bikes are air cooled generally. So, if we are talking about dirt bikes, liquid cooling is the way to go.

In other words, the better the cooling, the greater the speed. Go, Liquid Cooling!

  1. Brand of the bike and the Speed Relationship

Yes, you are right. We know you must have thought of the brand when we started talking about the various factors that affect the overall speed performance of a dirt bike. And you are not wrong.

The brand Honda has been pretty famous and at the same time, Yamaha has also made a name in manufacturing dirt bikes. By being famous, we mean that professional dirt bikers trust these brands.

Usually, the most used dirt bikes are the ones with 150 cc engines. But when driving these dirt bikes, the following aspects also have a say in the overall speed that is attainable:

R&D: research and development is the most extensive and costly part that affects the overall dirt bike’s performance. The more the manufacturer puts efforts into research and development, the better the possible outcomes will be. The budget is important.
Experience helps in bringing familiarity and understanding. The higher the understanding, the better the dirt bike’s performance.
Quality is crucial as well. So dirt bikes with high quality raw materials mean better and enhanced performance in the future.

All of these factors are directly affecting dirt bikes’ performance and speed limits. If the manufacturer has a low budget for research and development (R&D) in regard to making the dirt bike lighter in size but faster in speed will affect the top speed of the dirt bike when you will try to use it. Same is the case with raw materials. If the material used in the manufacture of a dirt bike is of low quality, the performance and speed limit will also be not of the top notch.

  1. The demographics of the rider also have a say in the top attainable speed

The rider’s height, weight, and balance are super important. A person who has better control over the dirt bike will be able to balance is better and attain higher speed. Experts say that a person who is larger in height and weight has to understand that when going downhill, the speed can be increased to a limit more than the rider can manage.

This is why it is no surprise that professional dirt bike racers go through much more difficult training just like the roads they ride on.

The sitting position of the rider is as much involved in riding a dirt bike as the engine.

  1. Usage also has some role in figuring out the maximum speed a dirt bike can achieve

The usage means how much the dirt bike is being used and how much maintenance it is gone through. So oiling and greasing it is also important if you want to maintain the top speed limit on it.

Some of the fastest Dirt Bikes in the World:

Some of the top bikes are shared below:

  1. Suzuki DR-Z

This is a single cylinder dirt bike and is one of the coolest ones in the market in 2022. With a 398 cc engine, this bike is built to attain a speed of 114 miles per hour. 

  1. Honda XR 650 cc

This 650 cc dirt bike can go as fast as 110 miles per hour. It has a 4-stroke engine and this dirt bike was designed in Japan and specially made for long-range dirt bike races. It was manufactured almost 22 years ago, (2000), yet still the demand is not declining.

  1. Kawasaki KLR

Although this dirt bike is also 650 cc, the maximum speed is lower than the Honda model. This dirt bike can speed up to 98 miles per hour.

Chart of How Fast Does Dirt Bike Goes For Different Models of Dirt Bikes for Adults

Suzuki DR-Z4004114
Honda XR6504110
MuZ Baghira6604102
Husqvarna FE5104101.5
Kawasaki KLR650498
Kawasaki KX450489
Yamaha WR250488.8
Honda CRF450487
Suzuki RM250278

As you can see in the above table, there may be 2 dirt bikes with the same cc engine yet different top speeds. Then there are dirt bikes with lower cc yet higher speed performance.

Dirt Bikes, Speed and Limits: A Summary

In this article, we hope you have gained the knowledge you were looking for. The dirt bikes are unique as you can ride the roughest of the roads, unlike the motorcycles that are only made to travel on carpet roads with no jumps and bumps.

Many factors are involved in the difference in top speeds that certain dirt bikes can attain. The engine, make and model, riders’ weight and height, along with the brand and the quality of the raw material with which the dirt bike is made; everything contributes to the top speed that you can achieve while riding it.

For more information on dirt bikes, speed, and cool ways to ride them, keep following our blog.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Fast Do Dirt Bike Goes

What is a Dirt Bike?

A dirt bike is a motorcycle designed for off-road riding on rough terrain, featuring a high-performance engine and special features such as long-travel suspension and knobby tires.

How fast does a 50cc dirt bike go?

Sample conte25 – 40 mph depending on the engine and the rider’s height, weight, and experience or skills.nt

How fast does a 125cc dirt bike go?

55 – 60 mph depending on the engine and the rider’s height, weight, and experience or skills.

How fast does a 250cc dirt bike go?

70 – 80 mph depending on the engine and the rider’s height, weight, and experience or skills.

How fast can the fastest electric dirt bike go?

Approximately 180 mph depending on the engine and the rider’s height, weight, and experience or skills.

How fast does a 110cc dirt bike go?

50 – 55 mph depending on the engine and the rider’s height, weight, and experience or skills.

How fast does the razor dirt bike go?

Depends on certain factors but 14 – 17 mph is the answer.

How fast will a 450cc dirt bike go?

Up to 90 mph depending on the engine and the rider’s height, weight, and experience or skills.

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