How To Teach A Kid To Ride A Dirt Bike

Dirt bikes have been gaining a lot of attention recently. And as a bike lover myself, I find it compulsory to let my kids have this amazing experience too. And if you are anyone who thinks like me, you most definitely will be asking yourself the very basic question: How to teach a kid to ride a dirt bike?

So dirt bike enthusiasts of all ages, rev up your child’s dirt bike engines and get your child to be ready for a wild ride! Because this article will assist you in understanding the question many parents are asking: How to teach a kid to ride a dirt bike?

How To Teach Your Child To Ride a Dirt Bike?

Are you ready to teach the next generation of thrill-seekers how to conquer dirt tracks on a powerful dirt bike?

From mastering the basics to soaring through the air with style, this journey will be filled with endless adventure and endless fun. So buckle up, and let’s start teaching kids how to ride a dirt bike like an expert

What Steps To Follow When Teaching a Kid To Ride A Dirt Bike?

There is no uncertainty that when you are committed towards teaching a kid how to ride a dirt bike, the challenges will be a minor hiccup. However, be sure to follow the steps you are about to read. These steps will guide you, the parents, in knowing what to do and, more importantly, when to do it!

Start With Basics

Firstly, always start with the basics. As a father or mother, it is your responsibility to teach the child how to control parts of a dirt bike. These parts include the throttle, brake, and clutch. 

Even in this step, focus on the bikes. “Where the bikes are” is the most important part of the first step. For instance, in Yamaha or may be a Honda, the brakes will be in the front and one at the rear. In the front, it will be on the handlebars.

Be extremely sure that the child is able to understand the importance of using these controls safely and responsibly.

Find a Suitable Area

Now, another important step is finding the perfect place to practice riding a dirt bike for your kid. But as a parent, you have to be on a lookout for specific factors. These factors can include the safety of the space or the roads or parks with obstacles.

No pavements as those are tricky and not safe.

Open place will be better.

Furthermore, try this scenario, one parent on the front and one on the back of the place where the child is trying to learn riding a dirt bike.

So, make sure that the area you select fulfills the following:

  1. It must be safe. This means no heavy traffic, no hard rocks, etc.
  2. It should be an open area with soft soil. The soft soil will help as the child can practice riding without any obstacles or hazards

For example, a park or a large backyard can be ideal for this.

Wear Protective Gear

Before riding, make sure that the child is wearing appropriate protective gear. This should include a helmet, gloves, and protective clothing.

Start Slow

The best tip for anyone just starting out doing anything really is: Start slow.

Moreover, when you begin slowly, you are actually helping in more ways than one. With teaching your kid begin slowly, you are helping them walk the bike and get familiar with the feel of the motorcycle.

Now once the child is familiar with the dirt bike, let them practice getting on and off the bike and moving it around.

Teach Balance

The next step is actually very important, so read carefully. Make sure you understand what we have to convey.

Once the child is comfortable with the bike, start with simple exercises to teach them to balance, such as riding in a straight line or riding in circles. Balance is the key!

Practice Turns

You will see that by following all the steps in order, by now the child will become self-confident and assured.

Once the child is confident, now it is time to start teaching them how to turn the bike. The confidence will come after the kid is comfortable with the brakes and different gears of the dirt bike.

Give importance to the significance of leaning into the turn and using the right hand controls.

Progress To Bigger Jumps and Uphilll

By now, you will see that the child is comfortable with basic riding as well as turning. The next step, therefore, is to add small jumps in their practice. You can gradually increase the size of the jumps as their skills improve.

Going uphill or down hil will also be important. Practice, practice and practice. Let the kids practice. Don’t think that going up the hill or down the hill is not important.

The going down is super important to learn. The speed becomes faster and faster. So knowing which break to use first and which to follow with will help reduce the tension and nervousness.

Always Supervise

We cannot stress this last step enough. Always make sure to supervise the child’s riding at all times. Their safety rides on this last step. This step is basically something that you will have to use through the process of teaching your kid how to ride a dirt bike.


Remember to be patient and encouraging. Remember to celebrate their progress along the way. 

Dirt bike riding can be a fun and exciting hobby for kids, but it’s important to emphasize the importance of safety and responsibility from the start. These precautions will go a long way. Trust us.

Tip: Try training wheels for it. It will help the kids at the very begginings.

That is it for now. For more information, visit our blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you teach a kid to ride a bike easily?

There are no shortcuts for it but with practice and by following safety precautions, you can teach your kid to ride a bike for sure. For a detailed explanation on what safety protocols to follow, check our blog.

Where should a parent start teaching the kid on how to ride a dirt bike?

Start from the basics. Let the kid have a feel to what a dirt bike 🚲 will be like. The weight, the grip, the balance; it all starts from the balance.

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